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July 10, 2019
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Why Brand?

Branding is a mark created by an organization as a representation for what they do and stand for. Branding is how clients get to look, feel and experience an organization. It is not only about the logo and the typeface but also about the voice, tone, personality, impression and values of a company. Everything from business cards to services provided, to marketing materials and advertising build a brand. Once an identity is made, it is able to attract a firm-base audience.

Let’s take an example of Apple. One of the largest companies that supplies electronics. They uphold their positive brand image by connecting with its consumers emotionally and continually meet their immediate needs. In a few instances, they present themselves as what an elite must have while in others, they stand for a cause that becomes a trend. This shows their strong brand image that has been perceived by the consumer. It appears that Apple connects well with their user’s emotions and gives the experience as per promise. After all the impression in the consumer’s mind shows the brand’s total personality which considers their strengths as well as their shortcomings, however real or imaginary it may be.

Creating a brand image takes time and is developed over a few steps, taken one by one with a consistent theme. Letting the consumer’s direct experience add to that. Every time your brand name comes up, the mind comes up with the similar associations it can relate to.

Effective branding is very much needed if you want to know where it stands amongst its competitors. Also, to know how much people think of the products and services your brand can offer. This helps to judge the marketing strategies to make the branding even stronger.

After all consumers choose the brand that they trust, will fulfil their immediate and emotional needs.

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