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August 22, 2019
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“content is king….”

“Content is king, but engagement is queen and the lady rules the house” Marketing has turned many a head over time. In the past the only source of marketing was advertisements in newspapers, posters and commercials on television and radio. Today, markets have become global and competition is high making it vital that all companies from MNCs to SMEs have a solid marketing strategy to attract new clients and maintain customer loyalty.

Brand communication is one of the few ways to bring in new customers and keep the old ones coming back for more. Apple for example, has built a reputation of status and high quality. People buy apple devices to raise their status and their loyalty for the brand. With the release of each new phone, people are eager to upgrade to the latest model despite the exorbitant cost. People love to feel like they are being understood and that they matter. Engaging with them on different platforms through surveys, competitions and events brings about more of a human touch and make potential clientele feel connected to the brand.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites make use of people’s preferences, google search information and data analytics to show relevant and customized ads, increasing its effectiveness. Nowadays people only see ads of products and services that they generally use or would like to buy soon. Once interest is shown, ads generally keep showing up until preferences change. For example, when someone wishes to book a flight, ads of cheap flights or travel packages keep popping up for a few days and then slowly the ads change based on what he/she has searched or purchased. Many organizations use social media platforms to constantly engage with potential customers by informing them about new products and having contests for give aways. Instagram bloggers often attract more followers by offering free giveaways like Apple, make up and vouchers in exchange for following and tagging friends on their page.

Social media marketing has allowed companies to leverage aspects of human psychology and social change to build a positive image. The youth of today, cares deeply about making a deep impact on society and the world. Many companies like Being Human and Elephant Pants company market themselves as a company that does good by offering to use a part of their profits for social benefit. This concept is even used to attract investors because the millionaires of today believe in impact investment where they can not only gain some profits but also make the world a better place. “Marketing is no longer about the product, its more about the stories you tell”

Today, marketing is more of a staple for survival rather than a cure for an ailing business. Marketing and branding are just as important as other parts of an organization. Large companies like Coca-Cola use marketing to maintain their market share. SMEs like 4C Integrated communicators use marketing to grow and attract new clientele. Whether you are a large multi-national company, or a small enterprise, consumers need to trust you before they buy from you. Marketing will help you gain that trust.

- Sharanya Narayan

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